Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TV stand update

Remember this guy?

Well, in case you care to see him in action....

It might just be one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  Brady on the other hand hates the color.  He says I'm girlin up his man space.  And in all honesty, I kind of am guilty of "girling it up".  Sorry Brady.

Finally, I have an excuse to bring out my pair of recycled glass pillar holders.  They deserve a better home than the closet floor where they lived for 1 1/2 years.  And that silver camera is from Z Gallerie.

I stole the letter balls from our bowl upstairs and threw them in an olive bowl.  Who needs a bowl for serving olives anyways?

There is a perfect spot from the Xbox.  I also added a Scottie dog, candle, matches, photo boxes, CUJO, and a model car of Brady's old Corvette... Had to man it up a bit!

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