Friday, December 17, 2010

wish list

The exterior of my home is still a bit scary. Faded purple vinyl siding with pink trim and turquoise accents, an over sized deck and zero landscaping isn't what I'd call great curb appeal.
My wish-list for this springs project is as follows:
Dark charcoal siding
thick bright white trim
bye bye deck
stamped concrete patio
so on and so on..
but this I LOVE..

Would this last in Montana? Would the winds blow it all over? Of course I'd have to take it all down in the winter. Hmmm?

Pier 1 even sells an affordable outdoor sectional.

Photo Wall update

drum roll, please!.. Here is the outcome of the photo wall. What do ya think?

I put a silhouette of my doggies in these frames. Like or dislike combined with the wedding pix?

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I really want these antlers/resin animal heads right now.. I want to bring "the taxidermy tradition into the twenty-first century" as Z-Gallery puts it! I think they would look great in my office b/c I intend to paint the walls a rich grey color and have other quirky elements mixed in.

Although, I have a feeling Brady will give me hell for wanting these, because there is no way in hell I will let him bring his real dear/elk heads into the house.. Those are going to be hung in his garage(the only space he is allowed, or cares, to decorate), HAH!
I will probably only get one, b/c they are $50 a pop, the larger elk head is actually $199, which is out of the question.. But then I'd have a chance to maybe, JUST MAYBE, mix in some real antlers.. only the small nice ones :)

Here is a pic I found online, that shows just fantastic it will look up against my grey walls. Yay!

thrifty find

I went thrift store shopping the other day and came home with this David Rowland Chair/Desk for $10. Was it a good buy or not? I still can't decide! What in the world will I do with it? I could either sell it on Ebay b/c I know I could double my money and then some. The label on the bottom is actually in mint condition, which is a plus.
But I thought Brady would like it for our family room, because is always on his laptop while watching TV... But, he said he doesn't want to "sit in a school desk at home!" Pthhh whatever! I might try it out in my office.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

David Rowland Chairs

A few years back my Grandpa gave my Dad some old chairs that he had found.. My Dad then used them as garage chairs for years.. And a while back I told him to give them to me because they were awesome. Well, I didn't take them before my parents moved into their new home, and the chairs ended up in their shed for over a year, stacked under old tires and lawn mower parts.. ANYWHO, I just took them home last week and today I noticed a piece of paper on the bottom of one of the chairs.. googled the name, and found out that they are designer chairs! Score.. Worth hundreds online.. Of course, mine haven't been taken care of as a designer chair should be and I would never ever sell them, because I love them! I plan to use them in my office. :)

..and to think that before I googled the name, I almost painted them white!

Friday, December 3, 2010

photo wall

These photos are probably too small, but this is what I was thinking along the lines of adding pix around the black frames. I just used spare paper, cut it to photo size and taped em' up to see how it would look.

Christmas Wreaths

I was feeling a bit crafty last night and decided to throw together a few wreaths for my holiday decorating.

1st I found some eucalyptus that I didn't care for.. but it was marked down really low at Pier 1 one year, I couldn't resist buying it.

seperated the stems
used wire cutters and floral wire to wind the stems into a wreath shape

spayed them ligthly with some good old metallic spray paint.. I like how you can see the red poking through a bit.. it makes it more Christmasy

Hung them with the Command Adhesive hooks(awesome) that I found at Home Depot.

Add added a little ribben. Done! They may be a bit "crafty" looking for my living room but I like them anyways.. perhaps I should switch the ribbon.. But I think this color/ribbon combo would be awesome year round a vintage inspired room with a few black and white photos nearby.

I hung this wreath over my mirror with a long wired ribbon that I found in my gift wrapping bag.
This one is my favorite! I taped a bunch of wedding photos straight to the wall and added a ribbon. I think it is playful and tells a story!
I put it in the bedroom on the wall oposite my bouquette!
doesn't the bouquette make a great decoration?