Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fire at Carly's pad

This Saturday, I got a call from my best friend saying that her house was on fire! I got over there immediately. The fire started in her neighbors garage, spread to their camper..then to Carly's car and her attic. The fire men were there allllll day Saturday and Sunday. The cause of fire is still undetermined. Her neighbors did have about 3 families living in the home and had a TON of garbage in the garage. A house full of smokers also does not help.

I was able to walk through her home on Sunday, which was pretty interesting. Her car looks like a bomb went off.. the interior of her home is wet and black. :(

-Her neighbors back yard (from the GF Trib)-

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mike is in back in Town

Brady's best friend from High School is back in town. He has been serving in the air force and stationed in Okinawa,Japan for the last 3 years. They get a little crazy when they are together.

-hanging out on the deck-


-their accomplishment..see what I mean-

-KOKO!! She snuck that one in :|-

-Another listing-

Wedding Spot

We are considering this spot on the Missouri River for our Wedding. It is like a resort. We would get married on the dock looking walkway out on the pond. There is a waterfall walking trail. It is between this and Ryan Damn. We shall see!

Baby Shower Mania

Carly and I hosted a baby shower for our best friend Ashley. She is having a little boy, Urijha, in October. We can hardly wait. But who knew babyshowers could be so stressful. We woke up the morning of and did not sit down ONCE! There was a great turnout and we had good prizes and games ..so it was all good!

-she got the coolest gifts-

-the party hosts-

-big momma-