Thursday, September 9, 2010

O my!

^we are bumping out our kitchen wall to make more walking space for the refrigerator.

^there are about 5 layers of flooring in the kitchen. This pic was taken after two layers and a baseboard were removed. yikes!

^we are so lucky to have the luxury of being able to use the Sletten Dump truck for all our demo work.


^my kitchen should look just like this! We ordered our cabinets from Home Depot..I hope they don't all come broken b/c I've heard nightmares about them. They do however have the best service in town.
The floors and counters will be done with a concrete overlay! This is the most exciting thing going into our home! It is going to be a huge project, but very worth it!

^I ordered this "copper" mirror from Pier1..I am super excited about this!
^unfinished cabinets from Home Depot. I am going to have them stained black! We wanted to build a floating vanity, but Brady just won't have the time with all of our other projects.

We are doing a broom brush texture..or whatever you call it! It looks AMAZING. It was EASY. hides most taping flaws and what not!