Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Curb Appeal? Yes, Please!

if you need to find us, we can be found standing on the curb smiling at our house!  we are so happy with the progress.. enjoy!

we've been busy workin on our house lately.. we want to get the siding done before it starts snowing again.. hopefully that won't be for a few months though!  below, you can get an idea of our previous curb appeal before the siding went up..
 but as i said, we've been busy and the front is almost done!  :)  here's brady framing in the bay window.  it used to be held up with two 2-by-4's and wasn't even insulated (which may have added a bit to our gas bill this winter)...
 i've been busy adding plants. 
 and making up flower pots.  my mother-in-law is the pro at making gorgeous pots.. so we went flower shopping and put these together a few months ago.  I looove them!  oh, and i couldn't resist the pink flamingo.  it was only $2.50 from target.  i'm pretty sure that it's already broken.  i guess you get what you pay for.  it reminds me of our honeymoon at the flamingo in las vegas... which was almost 1 year ago, by the way.  our 1 year anniversary is coming up this friday.  :)
 and here's how the siding was looking on sunday night
 then we decided to update our door with some paint.  i realllllly wanted to use auto paint to give it that extra gloss.. so the door had to come down for a few hours.  and we let a few zillion bugs fly into the house in that time.
 again, here's what our front door looked before.  it was still an upgrade from the old turquoise door that came on the house.. but still lacking personality.
 here's brady painting the door.  it took about 7 coats and 4 cans of high gloss black.  and then 2 coats and one can of clear coat.  plus a few hours to dry.
 we picked the paint up from o'reilly's auto parts store.   if you want a custom color you have to go to a specialty auto paint store to have the color mixed.  i was originally planning on an orange door but i settled on black just to get it done asap.  i think it is turned out pretty classy.
 annnnd we picked up a new mail box from ace hardware.  it cost less at home depot, but we didn't want to drive across town to save 5$.
 the optional tag was an ugly bronze color.. so we decided that needed to be painted with the same auto paint as the door.
 here's the old junky mail box. it looked like sh*t.  pardon my french, but i have strong feelings about this mailbox.
 here's a blurry and un-flattering pic of me excitedly throwing away the old clunker!
 and here is the new one!  it's kind of sad that this is the most exciting thing i've done all week.  i guess i'm getting old.  hehe
 oh, and the access is lockable!  not that we are worried about people taking our bills or anything.. but it's a nice option.
 another very exciting update is our new numbers!!!  they are modern, stylish and are very nice as far as quality goes compared to other house number options.  we had the option to have them recessed off the house.. we thought that sounded like a great idea and i love how it turned out.
 last but not least, we put up a new light fixture.  we used to have a bright white motion sensored light.  it had no style but was functional.  we went with this super cool stainless steel light from the home depot.  i love it.  however, home depot does not have best quality lights availible, so we actually had to use pliers to get the metal surround to fasten into the fixture.. we had the same problem with our old chandelier.  but they do look nice once you get them installed.
 enough blabbing.. here is the big reveal!!!  we are both so thrilled about the transformation.  it really gives us the motivation to continue onto siding the other 3 sides.  its going to be a lot of work, but oh so worth it!  more pix to come :). 
 what do ya think?
ps.  i have a few closing this week and intend to buy a new camera as a present to myself..:)..  good bye blurry, out of focus pix.  does anybody have a camera that you think is so awesome that you would recommend it to somebody else?  i need all the help i can in choosing because there are sooo many options available.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday mornings are for Garage sales!

Since the weather has warmed up a bit, I've been woken up every Saturday morning around 8AM (TOO EARLY) by either my Mom or Dad asking if I want to go to garage sales.  I always say no (very crabby at 8AM), hang up, try to go back to sleep, then admit defeat about 30 minutes later, call them back and tell them to come get me!  I am a sucker for junk.. I get it from my parents.  They are Veteran Garbage Sale goers.. Oh did I just say Garbage?  lol
I find the coolest things for my house..I have to hunt like crazy, but I always end the morning with something cool.. like this vintage lamp I picked up for $3 last weekend..  Of course it came with a junky old golden shade, but it was easy enough to stop by Target and get a new $9 lamp shade!  Total cost a for a unique and awesome lamp..$12.  :)

Speaking of garage sales.. my parents are having a block sale tomorrow.. I will have all kinds of old Pier 1 things, 2 dining tables, a bazillion dining chairs, a treadmill.. stop by :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tornado struck my guest bedroom

Warning, this is a completely useless post!
   Don't ask me why in the world I would share these pictures.. but I guess it's my way of saying that my basement needs to get finished NOW!  Our guest bedroom has become a Storage room/craft room/Brady's closet/Jewelery Box of sorts.  You can not walk in the room without stepping on a picture frame and hearing a crack.. which is going to be pretty annoying once I finally go to hang those pictures. 

 I finally decided to organize this disaster when Brady's out of town friends announced that they would be staying at our place next week. WHAT?! That means my couches and my living room will become a disaster of equal proportions and smell like stinky boys.. I don't think so.  They can stay at my house, but I hate when guys stay over, b/c they are always slobs! .. so I took a deep breath and spent about 3 hours organizing and cleaning.  It's a little sad that all this hard work was just to save my living room, but I guess that's just how things go!

 It still needs a lot of work, but it's a start.  What a difference a little hard work makes, right?!

This room actually has some of the coolest throw pillows that I own.  Now you can actually see them!  The one above is from Pier 1.. I've had my eye on it for about 2 years.   It was $40, which is just too much for a guest bedroom pillow.. I got it on clearance for $7.50!  Woot!  It pays to wait for sales :)

Quick Update.. Progress :)

We've been working on the exterior of our house non-stop since our siding arrived yesterday around 4PM.. Here are a few progress pix.. :).
It's a big upgrade from the old purple and pink vinyl siding with turquoise trim...

I am soooo happy that we went with this darker Slate Grey siding.  We had to pay a little extra ($1 per sqft extra) BUT it was so worth it.  You can't really see the roof in these pix, but you will think it's worth it too once I post better pix and you can see the color combo.  Also, Brady knew I would be a little pouty if we went with the other tan or green options... and he didn't want that to happen!  hehe

Thursday, June 9, 2011


 A few days ago, I received a long awaited package in the mail.. I could hardly keep calm when I opened up the box to find a little white headed piece of awesomeness..
 Have you ever seen a girl so excited over getting to put a deer head on the wall of her living room?
 It's actually very detailed.. more than I was expecting or wanted.  But I was only disappointed for about half a second!  The best part is that Brady also thinks it is just as awesome.. that's always a plus :)
 It's like the momma to the little one that was previously mounted above my TV.  It'll fit the space much better..