Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shangrila Side Table

A few weeks back I picked up a junky old side table from a garage sale.  I think my Mom, Dad and the guy selling thought I was a bit crazy for wanting it.. But I saw some cool details and couldn't resist!  It has an overlay carving on the front, sweet brass medallion-ish handles and brass caps on the legs.  Plus, it was nothing a fresh coat of paint couldn't fix!  I got a deal too.. they were asking $5 but I got it for $4! hah



*sorry for the bad after pix.. I will post more pix once I figure out where in the world it's home will be in my house*

Monday, September 26, 2011


A little early.. but who cares!
Last week we bought the coolest piece of furniture.. an 80's or 90's coffee table..  It is from Arizona and "cost a whole lot".. Of course, we bought it for just $40 on Craigslist.  Woot! 
My Mom and I were hanging out at my house on Saturday and decided to redecorate my living room by bringing in the coffee table (which I actually bought for our family room) just to try it out... and for some reason bring out Halloween decorations.

I wrapped a table runner around the existing table scape

and check out that coffee table!!!!

vintage candy jar

yes, that is a rug on my couch.. those dogs are always sitting there, so I figured it'd protect the leather

we layered to rugs to make the coffee table pop off of the black with contrast

lastly, my new wreath!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flea Market finds

Here are a few items I picked up while on our trip to Coeur d Alene.  On the way we stopped at a flea market in ID.  I found this awesome peacock for $3..

 and this brass covered deer for $1.  It is in pretty rough shape, but I kind of love that about it.
 I also picked this glass hand up at my favorite antique store in Coeur D' Alene, Wiggets.  It was only $15.  It is a perfect ring holder :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Something to make ya smile :)

Well, I've been pretty busy at work.. I don't know how some people have time to blog!   ..in case you've been wondering what's happening in my world, here is a little something new...
Isn't it lovely!!  This belonged to my Mom's aunt, Marian Stephens. All I know about it is that it is very old and very cool!  I can't wait to hang it in my basement..someday when we finish it!!
PS. Brady thinks the basement will be done by Christmas.. that'd be one happy holiday for me!! Keep your fingers crossed.