Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craving some Spaghetti!

My Mom n I stopped at a garage sale last weekend and I found the most amazing light.  It's an acrylic Spaghetti Lamp from the 1960's.  $25!  It was too dated for the sellers homes, but it will feel right at home in my house!

Love at first sight

just waiting to be hung
 I'm hoping to get it hung up tonight.  The delay.... Brady vetoed the antique brass.  Sad face.  I love it so much just as it is.  But it's his house too.  He rarely has an opinion on my decor choices so I figured I'd better let him win this one.  He took it outside n sprayed the brass white.  I think I'm regretting letting him touch my new found love, but I'll just have to suck it up and deal with it. 

It's going to hang over the bed in the basement guest bedroom.  The acrylic goes well with the acrylic knobs on the yellow dresser..

this room really needs a chandy!
This is the nightmare of a mess that I am dealing with in this bedroom.   That's what happens when Brady's friends spend the night.   At least hanging a new chandelier makes washing the bedding seem a bit more exciting.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nursery purchases

The nursery is far from finished... or even started for that matter.  But I do have a few things just hanging out waiting for the room to be ready.  Here's a sneak peak..
ikea crib.  Affordable and modern

pier1 owl

pier 1 zebra

I've been looking for a reason to buy this chandelier for the last 6 months.  It's a little too funky to go anywhere else in my home.  Once I found out I was having a boy I had the perfect excuse!  It's from the Restore.  I think they thought I was strange for liking and buying it. 

The little orange chair was $1 @ a garage sale.  I like the vintageness of it..  Is that a word?  And the rug is from  They actually have a ton of really affordable chevron rugs.  I splurged a bit more to get the shaggy version.  I figure it'd be nice to crawl around on. 
We bought a Bentwood Rocker for $18.  I've been finding them online for $500-$2000, which is insane in my opinion.   I would have preferred an upholstered rocking chair in a bright orange fabric with white piping.. but that's just impossible to find.  Brady liked one this so I caved in.  It's really growing on me.  But we'll find out in a few months if it's something I can stand to sit in during night time feedings. 

I just wish it looked a little more like this....
chrome rocker
And on that note, check out some other really awesome boy nurseries I've been drooling over...  (sorry I have no idea where I found these pix online)

those stripes are probably too cool for me!

I think I'll have to paint a wall in chalk paint

I want me some striped ceilings!

the rocker of my dreams
I am obsessed with this rocker!!! Too bad I don't know enough about Great Falls upholstery shops to want to risk $400 on a junky old chair.

I love the manliness of this

It's OK to put gold accents in a boys room

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bathroom #2: Progress

I used to have to hold back from vomiting when I walked into this room..
When we 1st bought the house..

Looking at the bathroom... from the guest bedroom.

and then we lived with it like this for about a yr.. gross right?

the not so usable shower/tub

What is with the plumbing?

And finally after demoing the entire gross mess, digging out the entire concrete floor, about 5 trips from the plumber, and Brady finishing off the room... it is looking somewhat finished!   It's not perfect... but man oh man is it an improvement!!!

The mirror is my favorite part (Pier 1), the light is a painted Restore light.. but I don't think I'll be keeping it.

a spot to display my bottle collection

And the most fantastic shower curtain ever (Bed Bath and Beyond)

TV stand update

Remember this guy?

Well, in case you care to see him in action....

It might just be one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  Brady on the other hand hates the color.  He says I'm girlin up his man space.  And in all honesty, I kind of am guilty of "girling it up".  Sorry Brady.

Finally, I have an excuse to bring out my pair of recycled glass pillar holders.  They deserve a better home than the closet floor where they lived for 1 1/2 years.  And that silver camera is from Z Gallerie.

I stole the letter balls from our bowl upstairs and threw them in an olive bowl.  Who needs a bowl for serving olives anyways?

There is a perfect spot from the Xbox.  I also added a Scottie dog, candle, matches, photo boxes, CUJO, and a model car of Brady's old Corvette... Had to man it up a bit!

..You make me happy when skies are grey..

Hey sunshine!.. speaking of my new dresser of course.

1st, I have to show the before..

banged up, sticky, stinky and dirty... screaming for a make over

This little guy was $5 at a garage sale.  I was so excited when I found it.  Brady was not so much, he stomped his feet and pouted the whole time he loaded it up into the truck...  "you don't need anymore dressers"  Psshhh wtv, Brady!

Perhaps he just knew that he would be the one who'd have to paint it.  I can pretty much pull the pregnancy card whenever I want, especially when it comes to paint fumes. 

4 cans of primer and 5 cans of yellow spray paint (yellow didn't want to hide the flaws for some reason? or we're just not an experts on spraying furniture..)  and a lacquer finish later....  He's got a nice home in our guest bedroom.  He does a great job housing all of my xmas bows, ribbon, cards, gift boxes, etc.  I guess I did need another dresser after all!

Yes, that's yet another leather rug.. I have 4 in my house.. a little obsessed, I suppose.

Wow, that's one dusty guitar.  This lady is too lazy to dust before taking pix.  whoops!

Acrylic knobs.. Kari picked these up for me in SLC @ IKEA.  $4 total!

I'm loving them so much :)

I think I'm growing an obsession with junky old furniture.  I am currently on the hunt yet another dresser to go in my new basement office.. Anyone want to take a trip to the Salvation Army with me!?