Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wish List

I sooo wish I could find a garden stool, that's not $200.  pthh.  I am keeping my eyes open for a white or a chrome one.  Please, let me know if you see one out and about.  :)

 Also, I am eyeballing this cool little storage stool/table that I found on Craigs List... I am seriously considering buying it..  They're asking $20, but Brady is o so good at negotiating prices on Craigs List...if only I could convince myself that I could in fact re-upholster it.  That green has got to go.  Anybody have good/bad re-upholstering stories?
Blahhh green
and it comes with a cool little lamp

"you're craftier than I thought"

Finally, Brady has something good to say about one of my strange little projects!
I found a little inspirations while surfing the Blogosphere yesterday (which is one of my favorite things to do when I should be getting work done)  :).. this project was over at Design Sponge.  They glued layers of paper scraps to a paper shade. 

Inspiration Photo

I love how theirs turned out and I have some fixtures in my Laundry Room that for some reason or another I feel the need to.. well, flip. 2 hours and an entire cheesy movie (Maid in Manhattan) later, mine was looking pretty darn cool.. 
The halfway finished look, in my unfinished laundry rooM!

It is only a test project, so it's not quite as polished as theirs...  Plus I have 2 fixtures in the laundry room which, unfortunately, means double the work!  So we will see how committed I am.  I might go searching for some paper shades or some sort of plant hanger or anything that actually has the right sized opening, rather than building a grid with floral wire.  BUT, if all else fails, I will go back to our original plan: our go to "Boob" lights from the Home Depot.
I know these are ugly, but they are cheap and easy to install...

Getting back to my project...  I used an old copy of the Buy/Sell agreement to purchase our home. I found it in my desk in my "SHRED PILE" while searching for scrap paper and thought it'd be just the right amount of personalization.  I also think it would be really cool if you used newspaper or old/favorite magazine pages.
I used floral wire for the grid and tape to attach the paper

what the junky old light fixture looked like b4
from below

I can't decide whether to paint the exsisting fixture or soak and polish it, like I did on this fixture
If you look really close you can see chopped up signatures and dates!
 We still have a while to finish these off, considering that my laundry room still looks a little something like this disaster...
Who's dying to do laundry in this room?  kinda gross, eh?
only slightly worse. This is a picture that I stole from the MLS in the original listing pictures. The previous home owners or possibly some1 who broke into the home while it was vacant(?) ripped out the old sink. Not that I miss the dirty old sink or would have kept it any ways, but it means that we now have a big sealed off pipe and need to get a plumber over to do all the work... which means more moolah out of our not so deep pockets.

Speaking of laundry, Brady and I took a months worth of laundry to the laundry mat yesterday, $15 and 1 hour later we had it all clean, dried and folded. Woot! That sure beats spending the day at my Mom's house using her W/D as we have been doing for months now.  I can't explain how awesome it feels to have all these clean clothes back.  Luckily, I happen to have a rather large clothing collection, so I wasn't really need of clothing.. but in the end, it was getting to get to the point were I would find myself trying on clothes that when I first put them on, I would think to myself, "hmm maybe I should donate this to Good Will."  Some clothes were a little tight(apparently you really don't stop growing until you are 23(or is it 25)), and others a little dated.  So all in all, the only good thing that comes from doing your laundry on the month to month basis is that you find a pile of clothes to donate and a little more space in your closet... and that's about it.  I DO NOT recommend going months with out a laundry room! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Addittion

Woot! I bought a new Hayworth Cube that matches my console table. I have been eyeballing this little guy for some time now. It adds a much needed surface to my itty bitty home, and it works great as a plant stand. :)

Also, check out my new "entry way". We don't have room a table but we do have room for some shelves.
I added a "retro key" from Uppercase Living and a vintage bowl.