Friday, July 17, 2009

Topic of the day..more like year..

My parents house has finally closed!!!!!!

They have spent every minute of free time -even taking time off of work- for the last 3 weeks moving... they have A LOT of stuff. It was all worth it though.

We shoved everything in the new garage.. as that is all we had possession over until last night.

Can't wait to move mine and Brady's crap here in a couple of months.. not!

Let me obsess over my flowers...again

4th of July... and of course, Brady's Birthday - 22

He was a huge crab for pictures.. as usual.

These are all the Figarelle guys.. except for KYLE!!!..who is going around to all the National parks in Utah and Colorado... Lucky!

Jacob was also a little crab when it came to taking pix. But I got a good one! He is so cute.

My Dad's little brother Joey and his wife Steph and their two boys, Brandon and Jacob were in town. Greg, Grandpa, Jan and Steph's parents came over. We were all about the view since it is their last forth of July in that house. We are definitely going to miss that. Although, my mom went to bed early.. so I think she will be just fine without the firework show in future years.


Willow Creek was a blast.
Kari, Ron, Brady, Micheal and I went last weekend.
We ate fabulous Fajitas, choco cake and tons of hot dogs! (thanx for cooking Kari)