Thursday, January 27, 2011

table settings

I have Spring Fever to the max! The other day I thought it'd be fun to set my table for once. I went with a green chic look. I love the flowery place mats with the xmas green chargers. The flowers were a hostess gift from my Mom-in-Law from the dinner the night before. We had them over for Howards Pizza. Mmmm. I bought the vase for $1 at an Augusta estate sale(woot). And the water pitcher was my Grandma Virgina's. I actually have a few really cool pieces that were hers and I should post about them sometime for sure. Whenever I set a table I have a flashback to the summers when I'd stay at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. I had so much fun setting the table for every meal. My Grandma was the queen of table settings. She had two hutch's full of different napkins, centerpieces, dishes, silverware, serving pieces, etc. etc. She really did have it goin' on!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Entry view.. Before -look at that pink trim-
we removed all trim and fake tile. Added concrete flooring, textured to the walls, refinished the cabinet to the left, and so much more! new toilet and fixtures were a must as well.
after removing the bye bye phony tile!

hello skim coat.. before major texture was added

AFTER..hello fabulousness!.. not exactly complete but good enough to post about it!

vanity before...
in between..

and after!

cabinets before..
a little sanding, a lot of stain, new knobs, hinges and trim.. and this oak cabinet looks so new again!
and after..

my horrible carpentry skills... I measured wrong putting the knobs on. I guess Brady shouldn't have been working in the garage! hah!

toilet after.. sorry, I didn't take any before! lol
we went with an energy efficient double flush toilet. I wanted it mostly b/c of the touch button!

keeping with the chrome
vintage bowl and fizzer sticks!

flip that light: dos

Here was our solution to our extra small lighting space. We bought a nicer light from the Home Depot to find that it was too big with the attic entrance practically under the light fixture. All we did was pop it off n paint it.. then bought a nice new globe at the Depot for about $5.
Before and After

I think it needs a clear light bulb.. but it still beats the fluorescent bulb that was in it...I HATE those things. I don't care if my power bill is higher, I am not going to live with SO SLOW lights!

While I am on the subject of our hallway lighting, I'd better show the other hallway items!

hallway before..
hallway after...

^"L" for Lucero is from Uppercase Living. The vase is from Ross.. If you've been to Pier1 in the last year you'll know that they have it as well for $60, but I found it for more like $16! I thought Brady was going to kill me when I bought yet another vase, but I couldn't pass up the deal!

The design goes reallllly well with the tile we used for our kitchen backsplash. (below)

It goes really well with my bathroom mirror too!

cutest dog toy out there

Brady and I can't help but laugh when we see our dogs running around the house with this toy!.. so I thought I'd share for those of you with dogs. We bought this at Walmart last week for $2.97. That's a low price! heh. We buy a new toy each time we get groceries because they don't last long in this house, but this is by far my favorite! Brady thinks it looks like the props at a furniture store. But I just think it's funny when our guests come out of our bathroom and say, "uh there is icecream on the floor."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Window cover up

We finally have curtains in our bedroom! Woot! It took me buying and trying about 4 pairs before I actually decided on this one! I think they turned out really neat and tie the "ethic" looking room together. They look like they were made to go with my mirror! (which isn't yet hung along with a bunch of other things just hanging out on my dresser) Brady and I are finally going to join the 21st century and get satellite! It is getting hooked up on Saturday, so I will also have to work in a 26inch TV above my dresser as well... should be fun!

Of course I can never miss out on a doggie photo-op. Cujo really needs a haircut and kinda looks like a little mop laying on the bed! I can't get him groomed with it being as cold as -18degrees out there! I wouldn't want him to freeze.
and here is Koko snuggled up in the pillows. It is always kind of pointless to make a bed when Koko is around... she likes to barrel her way through the pillows and tunnel under the bedding.

I think the curtains also help to bind all the things I have in my room. As you can see from my old house.. the white walls, boring carpet and insulation as window treatments wasn't really helping the room out!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mason jar light

A while back I "flipped" a light fixture from our home. I have yet to install it and actually have no idea where I will put it. I wish I had a pantry b/c it would the perfect spot for this mason jar light fixture!

Before(covered in layers of paint and Scum and missing a globe):

A little soaking and polishing with the Brasso that my Dad has had since he was in the army like 100 years ago!.. It still worked great!
And Bam! I have a sweet little light fixture :)