Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Fever!

I was so late to posting the announcement post, so I guess I'd better follow up with an update on Baby!

The little baby in my belly is a BOY!!  And as of this coming Friday, I will be 24 weeks.

At first, I was a little bummed at the thought of not getting to run out and buy tutus and headbands and everything pink.  Brady and I went on an immediate shopping trip to cheer me up.  To be honest, I hadn't even glanced at the boy dept.  I was too googly-eyed and distracted by the girl dept.  The first shopping trip was a complete fail.  Boo :(  But it turns they do make pretty cute boy stuff, it's just way harder to find.  So far, he has a pretty good clothing collection! 

Brady is beyond excited about having a little boy!  He is already shopping the toy isles every time we go to the store.  I have to keep reminding him that his new born baby will not be interested in remote control airplanes and toy Hummers.  His excitement has rubbed off on me.  I am just happy to be having a healthy baby!  I used to hate people who said they didn't care what they had, as long the baby is healthy...  But after being the pregnant lady for a while, I can totally agree with them.  It is crazy how much worrying is involved with being Pregnant.   Besides, maybe baby #2 will be a girl!  Then she'll have an older brother to look after her.  :)

Another exciting update.. My morning sickness is gonzo.  And feeling the baby kicking like crazy has made it all worth it.  And boy is he a kicker!  Even our latest ultra sound shows him kicking off of me non stop.  Oh, and my belly is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. 

This pic is from July 1, our 2nd Wedding Anniverysary & 8 years of being together.. whoa!!!

I'll make a point to blog more often.  I have just been so busy these last couple of months.  We are seriously working our butts off to get the house done before November.  Our list of things to do on the house seems to be getting bigger rather than smaller... Wish us luck.
Also, I am so busy at work.  If I want to take 6 weeks off, I'd better make sure I make my year in sales before baby comes.  I don't want to be stressed about work while I'm trying to heal and bond with my little guy.

Our big announcment

Where have I been for the last 3 months?  I actually wrote this post on April 29 but never got around to posting.  Whoops!  I can blame it on Pregnancy Brain, right?  Anywho, I thought better late than never! :)

April 29, 2012 

We are expecting a B-A-B-Y!  Brady and I are so excited to be adding to our little family.  I can't wait to meet the little guy or girl. 

I found out on St Patricks Day.  That day was pretty hectic. We had a bunch of company over so I waited until the next morning to tell Brady.  I got up early and made him breakfast in bed, which is not common.  He was like, "Ummm what is this all about?"  Then I gave him the stick that I had peed on..  I waited until he was done eating to give it to him.. to avoid germs and all.  He was shocked and very happy. 

So far, my pregnancy has been a bit of a nightmare in the morning sickness dept.  Whoever named it "morning sickness' is just silly and cruel, or perhaps it was a guy?  If they named it "all the time-day and night-sickness" people might never have children.  There have been a few times that I think Brady thought I was dying and the sound of vomiting has become a regular annoyance to him.  What, TMI?  Too bad!  The thought of carrots makes me sick to my stomach.  I am loving muffins.  I've decide to stick to foods that taste reasonable when coming back up.  TMI again?  So sorry!  There were a few times that I thought every woman who ever had more than one child was out of her freaking mind.  I still can not believe my Grandma had to go through this 9 times.  She was one strong lady!  Luckily around the 10th week, my morning sickness started to fade.  My doc prescribed me something for it, just in time for it to go away naturally. 

My first Doctor visit was really eye opening and exciting.  The ultra sound made me cry like a baby.. well that's probably an exaggeration, I guess I'll find out in November.  Our baby was moving its tiny arms like a crazy person and the heart was beating away.  Everything looks good so far!  This is baby at 10 weeks..  *sorry for the sideways pics*

That's one huge head.  I guess it takes after Brady! lol

My due date is November 16, 2012.  Hopefully he or she won't come on my Birthday, November 12.  Call me crazy, but I'd still like to be able to celebrate my B-day in the future, seperatly!

And then I had my lab work done.  I can not believe how much blood they suck out of you.  It is just so much work to be pregnant!  I keep telling Brady that he got off easy. 

He really hasn't gotten off too easy though.  He's had to take over the majority of our house hold chores and he's kind of had to cater to my needs.  But I don't think he minds.  The biggest difference to him is probably that I'm always too tired to hang out with him.  I literally can't keep my eyes open past 7:30 on most nights!

Foods.  So far, I've been avoiding the things they say not to eat.  However, I am actually really missing caffeine and deli meat.  I still need a cup of jo every now and then so that I won't fall asleep mid sentence at work.  And deli meat, I sometimes sneak it.  I figure, if 30 yrs ago people continued to drink and smoke, and today people can still have a perfectly fine Meth baby?, why can't I have a freaking turkey sandwich!!?
My Body.  I have yet to get a visible baby bump, but it's still so early.  My skin is super dry and breaking out, thanks baby.  And I am bloated, thanks again! 

Our nursery is going to be going in my current home office.  Isn't it crazy that I just finished that room and made it perfectly how I wanted it..  Just so it could be moved again in a few months.  Oh well!  I'd rather have a baby in that room than an office we hardly(more like never) use.

Brady traded in his SS truck and got a more baby friendly car.  He actually didn't really have the baby in mind when he bought it, but I can pretend.  His old truck was four door, but it was an extended cab and I couldn't imagine having to get a car seat of those tiny doors.  His new truck, a Hummer 3, is perfect for a baby.  It even has DVD and TV's in the headrests which will be perfect for the baby someday.