Tuesday, May 31, 2011

some new things

I have some FREEEEE fresh cut flowers!  I love having an apple tree on my property!  I just walked out front and cut off a few branches  :)

I swear this dog loves getting her picture taken.. it probably has to do with the flash.?  She kept walking in front of my camara, so I figured I'd snap her pic :)

he was also a little curious!

I bought a capiz place mat at Pier 1 to keep the glass table top from scratching.. and the coral candle is from Pier 1 last year.  I am too scared to light it, however.

I am still addicted to Brooches.. so this one is a recent antique store find.  I just twisted floral wire around the pin and wrapped it around the branch of the flowers

We also bought a new stainless steel garabage can from Ross.  It has a LID!!! That is a much needed thing in our house.  The dogs have figured out that we throw food in the trash.  Lately, they've been diggging and dumping our trash allllll over.  I could freak out, instead I bought a cool trash can :)

sad puppies

I also recently picked up a second Hayworth Cube to go with my the one I bought a while back. This one was clearanced out to $30 with my discount  

check out the new garden stool!  It's exactly what I was Blog dreaming about a while back..

the antler is from my parents garden!  Thanks DaD!

I got this vynil saying from Uppercase Living a while back

and this little guy was from an Estate Sale for $3.  I just sprayed it with white glossy paint.  I don't have a before pic..that's how excited I was...but it looked a little like the picture below!  lol

I ordered this Deer Head from Z Gallerie last Friday.  The other one isn't quite big enough. I'll post pix once it comes in the mail!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Oooo yeah, call it being "green" or call it being "cheap", whichever.. either way we just got ourselves a free(and labor intensive) curb joB!
My parents, who bought their home as a new construction back in 2009, have already been suckered into re-doing the curbing around their house.  It was cracking and wasn't sealed, so I guess if your house needs to look perfect, then it would be worth re-doing.. but Brady and I are on a mega budget and would be happy to have some not so old curbing.  And we are always happy to take on a new project.. So, one persons trash is our treasure.  We hauled off all their old curbing and used it at our house!  It was a bit of a process cutting the curbing and trying to piece it together enough to make an arch, but we did it! 
Here's the pile of curbing, which almost bottomed out Brady's truck when we hauled it down to our house

so far we're using the old rock that was under the old deck, but we plan to switch it out with River Rock.
 And guess what.. we even re-used sod... I know that is nothing to brag about b/c sod is super cheap.  My parents neighbors, who also were talked in to re-doing their curbing had all this extra sod left over.  Brady and I hauled that off last night to fill in the area that was covered up by our old deck..
 looks good right?  Now we just need to figure out what to put in front of that ugly basement window..any suggestions?

OOKK Enough talk about boring sod and curbing.. the pix below are my inspiration for the railings, which Brady will be building, for our front porch.  We are planning on installing chunky wood railing and using cable with tension turnbuckles rather than regular old wooden slats.. I don't think I used any correct terms in that last sentence, but you get the idea(I hope).  It will be a major experiment, but it's worth a try!

 This one is favorite!  We plan to copy the post design and color..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Siding, Trim and door color, please HELP!

I am having some issues deciding on our exterior color palette.  What I do know is that I don't want our home to look like every other house in town.  I want to be a little edgy, but without ruining the likability for re-sale...  I love slate grey siding, and I know I want a painted front door.. but I can not figure out the trim color.  Should I keep it cool and go with a lighter grey?  Should I play it safe and go with white trim?  Or, should I take a risk and go with a lighter tan color?   Keep in mind that our roof is boring light grey..

This is the Slate Grey color I am digging so far
 Here are a few homes with the siding color I love..

Door option: 1. BLACK!  I would use auto paint to give it extra gloss..

Option 2: a limey green front door

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Family Photos

I am super late posting these, but I just can't resist.  My parents, Brady and I flew out to Seattle to stay with my Brother and Sister-in-law back in March.  We had soooo much fun!  We bought the tourist passes, which by the way are SOOO worth it if you're going to Seattle any time soon.  We even had our pictures taken by a pro!  I lurves them!  Some are a little goofy, but that's ok!
this one is my favorite!  I love these rocks that we found down by the Navy Ship Yard where my bro works

and this is my favorite group shot

this is one of the silllllly ones..