Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Snow Day

So, I am staying up late because I have decided to stay home due to weather. May is just around the corner yet there is probably 1.5 feet of snow on my deck. Ron's truck, while in 4 wheel drive, could barely get out of the drive way to take Brady and I home this evening.

My Mom came over for dinner tonight and we decided that we should move somewhere warm. I am totally on board. Of course I would have to retest for a Real Estate license in a different state, which would seriously suck. That was a freakin hard test!!
Then we watched Yes Man which was actually really funny. -Thought it might be extremely cheesy-
My Dad is in Minnesota for work and sounds extremely BORED. I called him earlier today and he was sitting in the hotel room watching crappy TV. He also was overly interested in my backyard tree story. -It has orange snow all down the trunk :S-

Lastly, Brady is selling his truck to pursue a Corvette.

I am all for this. I know my support will change the first time it snows next year and he's calling me for a ride to work.. but it would be fun for a little while! Know anyone that wants a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn Edition in dash DVD with only 10,000 miles??

OHHH, and CONGRATS to my big brother who will be GRADUATING COLLEGE on May 9th!!! He also just accepted a job in WA as a mechanical engineer for the Navy! I could use a weekend off and out of town. Last weekend I worked at the office on floor duty and only got calls looking for directions or addresses and helping other Realtors get info on their showings. HAH, but that is what floor is all about. It is a good thing I enjoy what I do.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Camping in the back yard!

So, our yard is full of trees that shed all over the yard. We decided to rake em up and found the pile to be too big.. resulting in our totally awesome FIREPIT.

It has been soooo so fun! Well actually, there was already a fire pit from the previous crazy owners. We always joke about those people.. you would to if you saw our and SMELT our house when we bought it. Now I guess they have worn off on us a bit.. not really.

Carly, Ashley and I also sat out by the fire last weekend. We could not figure out how to start it with out gasoline. So, we started the "girl fire" with nailpolish remover and hair spray. It didn't last too long. I ended up calling my Dad to ask how he had started it the night before. "TIP THE LAWN MOWER UPSIDE DOWN." That was fun. Brady was not too excited about it because he prefered to sit inside playing Halo with Dustin and FAREAKED out when he saw us cooking hot dogs over the fire. HA, I can't believe I am even posting these pix.. they are terriblE!

Lacy, I have not forgotten about posting new pix of the deck.. We are going to get stain right now!! You guys could always just come to town to see it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

busy busy busy day..

excuse the post lacking in proper punctuation.. bradys keyboard is missing the shift key. brady, dustin and his dad have been working on our back deck all day. it is about time.

our home is lacking in curb appeal. we will change that this summer... very exciting

my parents house had showings today so we get to hang out with molly. see my flowers coming in!

and the neighbor dog...

brady got me flowers when i came home from gri. they are sooo pretty so i put them allll over my house in vases.

and we finally got the plumber over here to set up our basement bath.. i need to figure out how to decorate it.. that and our new king size bed.. that i just happened to buy all white bedding for.. when we have two dogs. hmmm.. smart. owell it is really classy and feels like your on vacation in a nice hotel room.

i am really blabbing here because brady is playing the new call of duty .. it is good for a while... but that is all. it is extremely violent. wow. but great graphics

oh and here we are at red lobster in billings

oh an my new listing.. know anybody looking to move to Gfalls?