Monday, July 25, 2011


Check out the cool light fixtures that I bought at a garage sale a few weeks back.  I got all three for $2.  Yes, that's right, $2 total.  They instantly reminded me of sputnik lights and I had to have them for my laundry room.  I actually didn't want the little one on the right, but the guy threw it it just to get rid of it.  I figured it'd be nice just in case a bulb breaks.. And it's a good thing, because only a few days later we heard a click and a crash coming from the room they are currently stored in... Koko had knocked one over when jumping on the bed.   I sometimes wonder how much easier life would be with out dogs?  Probably pretty boring though..

Here they are..
And here a few Sputnik lights that I found online...  They are a little different, but close enough for me.

this one can be purchased over at for $194.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just finished: Paper Lamp Update!

FIRST, a picture of how the room looked a few months back. I am still a little stumped on this room. I am not in love with wrought iron, yet I have a bed and night stands. The wall color is also not that great. I picked the paint before I had the room designed in my head.. that's what happens when you keep your stuff in storage for 7 months and have to quickly remodel a home.

now, this is what the night stand/light situation is like these days.
The light looks like nothing special in this pic, but it is actually pretty darn cool up close. More on that later.

Not so cluttered.  Hooray!

and here is the light fixture.  I DIY'd this.  I was inspired by another blog a while back.. but I have no clue which one it was, sorry.  I bought one roll of wax paper and a roll of scotch tape.  Then I cut the wax paper into the shape I wanted and taped each piece to an old paper shade I had.  The total cost was about 6$ (not including the $9 shades that I bought from Pier 1 a while back).  The total time was about 2 months.. oh ya, I got half way through and quit for a while.  You will need about 2 hours to do one shade, and that is if you get a good system going.  This project was time consuming, but very worth it. 

oooh, and this is look at my favorite pillow :)
and an up close pic of the window panels, which I love.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Still needs a bit of work, but it's getting there!
remember when I posted bathroom pix a few months back?  Well, not much has changed.. the blue painters tape is actually still up along the tub surround *that's just crazy*.  At least these pictures are better :)
I did add a new toilet paper holder.  I put the glass hurricane inside of a candle holder..  it works perfectly!  Who knew you could make your toilet paper holder look kinda sexy?  Yes, I am very weird. 

These cool cyllinder glasses are finds from a garage sale.  They have the letter "K" etched in the glass.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen: Before/After

I know I already posted the kitchen pix, but I didn't post any before pix.. which are by far the most fun! I LOVE looking at peoples before and after shots, so I hope you enjoy.

Living Room