Wednesday, February 23, 2011

spring fever

I switched out the icey florals for some much needed springy florals. I usually hate faux flowers but these look real enough for now. I also added a little birdie from Micheal's and some bright fruit.. the bowl was a 3$ thrift store find I brought out the colors of my plates and added an orange frame. I really need to hide those cords. eek
and here is my fridge vignette. The dolls were my Grandmas and one of my favorite possessions. They look great with the plates as well.


I am really getting into the decorative ball craze. We are obsessed with recommending them to shoppers at Pier 1 so why shouldn't I buy some myself?

They complete my sweet little platter :)... and look, they spell our "LUCERO" heh

The red ball does not belong in this photo, but Brady thought he was helping by putting the ball in the ball bowl.. err. Men just don't understand!

Step into my kitchen: brown wall is done

I haven't really posted pictures of my kitchen because it wasn't exactly accessorized to my liking. However, I have finally found something to spruce up the brown wall!

fIRST, let's take a look at the before:

and after:

The Pussy Willows are from Stampin Up. I cut it up so I could use it across the entire wall in front of the dining table. It sort of helps define the seperate room.

and here are the plates that I am so excited about. I bought them at Pier 1 a few days back. I am not a huge fan of plates hanging on walls, but I loved these enough to make an execption. Also, they were 10$ a pop so I wasn't going to buy a enough to make a set. That's not how I roll. All my everyday plates are from Walmart or gifted from my Grandpa Gus.

I know I should have cleared the clutter off the counters, but I was so excited about the plates that I couldn't wait to clean! I also like how they look above the pussy willows in the vases!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New light: to buy or not to buy?

Ok, I know I am crazy.. but our dining room light is a bit too boring and a bit to traditional for me. I love, Love, LOVE the tortous shell glass but I'd rather just have a candle holder in the glass than entire light fixture.. so the delema is this: Should I try to sell it on Craigslist and buy the light of my dreams(literally I have dreamed about this light) ? Would I actually make enough on this 1-2 month old/new light to make it worth while? Or should I keep it in storage and swap it out when we move...? hHmmm.
So here is a our current light. I don't have the best picture so I stold this pic from from X-mas time folder. It needs to be swagged over he table and hung a little lower. In fact, seeing this picture makes me realize that what I really need is new dining chairs.. maybee I should add these to my Craigslist post as well! Hah

And here is a pic of my dream glitzy drum light. horrrrible pic, I know. I can't find it anywhere online and I snapped this pic from the book at City Lights so the quality is horrible.

Here is a just barely better photo.. but at least you can just barely see the details!