Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nursery purchases

The nursery is far from finished... or even started for that matter.  But I do have a few things just hanging out waiting for the room to be ready.  Here's a sneak peak..
ikea crib.  Affordable and modern

pier1 owl

pier 1 zebra

I've been looking for a reason to buy this chandelier for the last 6 months.  It's a little too funky to go anywhere else in my home.  Once I found out I was having a boy I had the perfect excuse!  It's from the Restore.  I think they thought I was strange for liking and buying it. 

The little orange chair was $1 @ a garage sale.  I like the vintageness of it..  Is that a word?  And the rug is from  They actually have a ton of really affordable chevron rugs.  I splurged a bit more to get the shaggy version.  I figure it'd be nice to crawl around on. 
We bought a Bentwood Rocker for $18.  I've been finding them online for $500-$2000, which is insane in my opinion.   I would have preferred an upholstered rocking chair in a bright orange fabric with white piping.. but that's just impossible to find.  Brady liked one this so I caved in.  It's really growing on me.  But we'll find out in a few months if it's something I can stand to sit in during night time feedings. 

I just wish it looked a little more like this....
chrome rocker
And on that note, check out some other really awesome boy nurseries I've been drooling over...  (sorry I have no idea where I found these pix online)

those stripes are probably too cool for me!

I think I'll have to paint a wall in chalk paint

I want me some striped ceilings!

the rocker of my dreams
I am obsessed with this rocker!!! Too bad I don't know enough about Great Falls upholstery shops to want to risk $400 on a junky old chair.

I love the manliness of this

It's OK to put gold accents in a boys room

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  1. Love where you're going with this. Love the rug, the orange, everything. I like your rocker also. How about this? A sheepskin draped over the back, a pillow you can tuck under your holding arm, and sew an orange striped cushion for the seat. I think you would find it to be cozy enough, and transitional for later.


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