Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am slowly beginning to like my bedroom. I keep tweeking it to make it more

 Remember this table used to look like this?  Now it is one of my favorite peices of furniture.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Need some inspiration!

I am hooked on the Houzz IPAD App and  There are thousands of beautiful and inspiring photos.  My favorite part is that you can save as many photos in as many ideabooks as you'd like.  This site is very user friendly, much better than Pinterest in my opinion, and isn't crowded with junk.  Here are few of my favorites (among hunderds!).. Enjoy!

Abigail Aherns dining room eclectic dining room

Modern bathrooms contemporary bathroom

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2011

Master Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Bergen Street Residence contemporary living room

Julianne Kelly eclectic living room

My holiday dining area contemporary dining room

Oak Park Residence eclectic kitchen

Feeling bed with black high-backed headboard contemporary bedroom

Decor Demons Loft eclectic living room

Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick eclectic bedroom

Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Betsy Burnham eclectic bedroom

Domicile id contemporary home office

Black & white office  home office

Four Seasons eclectic bathroom

Camilla Molders Design eclectic bathroom

houzz interior design ideas

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wish list

With Christmas right around the corner, I can't make it a day without somebody asking me for Christmas hints.  Well, I don't know what is wrong with me, but I just can not for the life of me think of anything!!  My taste is way too expensive.. Or maybe it is directly related to the term "Wish List".  Since I am now a "grown up" I tend to buy the little things that I want when I want them.  Now I fully understand what my Mom was going through, when as a little girl, I would ask her what she wanted for Christmas.  I used to think she was absolutely freaking out of her mind INSANE for responding with, "I don't need anything".
So here are a few things that I am WISHING for... *but do not expect to get by any means what so ever*  This is just for fun!!
IKEA cowskin footstool

AS IF I need another rug
AS IF I need another rug PART II
Leather silver Pouffe
Waterfall ruffle shower curtain.. Cujo would pee on this, for sure.

OK! I promise I will get to work on my "FOR REAL" wish list!  Anybody else have problems answering the question "What do you want for Christmas?"