Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GRI Week *long*..

So I am in Billings until Saturday evening taking classes to get a designation behind my name. I miss being home and I havn't even been gone a day:( but I must say, Billings is kind of a step ahead of Great Falls. They actually have stores other than Ross and Target! HAH.
On Sunday I had two open houses and it was snowing so hard out that I had to wipe off the sign 3 times and shovel the walk 3 times. Of course nobody came, but Brady and Kari did... We had fun!

Oh, and I listed my parents house on Friday. It is getting its first showing tomorrow night.. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wholay snow day

WOW it is almost April and it is SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!!!!??????

I am trying to figure out my parents house situation..
look at this house.. my dream house.. simple yet fabulous.. my parents did like but decided against it :( It looks lame-o from that view but has huge ceilings, alot of character huge island in kitchen and hardwood floors.

Brady has been driving back and forth from Helena this week for classes. He is learning how to survey a lot and advanced blueprints. He was so nervous he would not pass his test today but he did- 76% !!

Work has me really busy and sitting in my office for hours on ends.. UHH can't wait for Saturday! I actually picked up some clients that might be interested in buying that house above. Too bad it's not Brady and I...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


WHOLAY MOLAY!! we spent a LOT of time in the airport on the way home.. Thankfully, I was not ready to come home yet, so I didn't mind as much as I should have.
Vegas was just what the doctor ordered for me. I really needed to escape from work, and I did not check my email once until the day coming home(I figured I should be up to date on some clients before talking to them the next day!)
Brady was a Roulette freak and I relaxed by the pool(working on my fabulous tan:)) We did some shopping but I did not find much... We walked and walked and walked for days and miles and miles. AHHH. It is almost nice to be home and see my puppies.. who of course gave my mom and dad hell. Last night Brady and I had dinner over there and my mom called first to say, "Is it okay if you don't bring the dogs.. I am mopping!!!" Well at least they kept her busy.

Today getting ready for work.. I was scared. I heard the loudest bang ever!!! which sounded like it was coming from my basement. I looked downstairs and said "HELLO" but heard nothing, so I figured it was the wind.. checked all doors, windows and gates.. nothing. Owell so I went back to blow drying my hair and heard it twice more. OMG!! I grabbed a knife and my cell and called Brady.. who did not answer... then I heard it again.. it was my screen door... that had been closed each time I checked it. {PERKS OF LIVING IN THE WINDY CITY} HAHA. okay not the most exciting end to that story, but I was scared none the less!

The picture in the elevator was taken at the RIO. We rode a bus over 3 1/2 hours early to eat the SEA FOOD BUFFET. Ron, Kari, Jess and Dawn took a wrong turn on the way home from the NASCAR race! so we walked around lame shops, high roller tables, skanky shows (chip-n-dales and the show in the sky) and then rode the elevators!! Brady won me a whopping 40$!

pic captions: Brady's mom and pops at the Pallazzo.. Brady and I at a fancy french restaurant at the PARIS.. His dad won at the slots and took us all out.. it was great, there was a guy singing operah and great lobster bisque and pasta!.. Very cool motorcylce at T.I... It is a woman if you couldn't tell.. and last but not least, Brady and I walking around on the last night!