Thursday, May 3, 2012

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I have been desperately searching for a good TV stand for the basement.  Originally, I was looking for an old dresser that I could convert.  I went to garage sales every single Saturday since they started this year, with zero luck.  I went to every antique store in town, with no luck.  I search Craigslist every day, twice a day, with no luck  Then on Tuesday I decided to check out the Salvation Army.  And there it was, much better than anything I could have dreamt up in my mind.  It's a mid century file cabinet.  I bet the designer of this lovely piece of furniture didn't know that one day it would work perfectly for a 55 inch flat screen TV.   My day kept getting better when I checked the price... it was only $25.  Shocking!  I'm in love :)


Leaving it in its original condition would be fine, if we had the right furniture to put with it.  I decided to be a little more gutsy and paint it a bight color.  I pulled a blue tone from the painting, currently hanging in my office.  I'm moving it downstairs so it will get more attention.

color inspiration

My Dad and Brady carried into the garage.  It is actually really heavy.  They don't make furniture like they used to.

Prep Work

Taping off the brass.. I'm digging dingy old brass lately.

Primer.  I did not sand this piece.. Hopefully the primer will be enough!

BAM! blue paint!  Brady hates the color.  But I don't care! :)

Letting it dry

My #1 goal is to fix this nightmare.  Wish me luck!

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