Monday, August 17, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Vegas was a great break! The weather was perfect and the pools were packed. Check out our view from the room! Ron got us upgraded to a room with the best view I had ever seen from a hotel room. We also had to take the exclusive elevators that required your room key to work.

We went to Chris Angel Mind Freak which was awesome. It is a magic show/Circ' de' sole' . There were some freaks in the audience who made him giant love posters and paintings.
Before the show, Brady and I walked around the Luxor and stopped at the Chapel. We were going to send a pic to my parents telling them we got married.. but decided that would probably freak them out too much!

We also went to a yummmmy deli with gigantic sandwiches. Brady's was $30 and too big to eat. I just stuck with the grilled cheese!

We went to the Wynn and got cool ideas for our next house! I think it would be FABULOUS if we had a tile shower with a big mosaic flower on the floor. And were thinking it would be cool to put tiny mirrors on our kitchen the ones on the ceiling in the pic..

Brady played a lot of Roulette and won on the first night. I think the casinos must have watched us arrive and decided to let him win so that he would think he was lucky the rest of the trip... If that made any sense.. because he lost about half of what he won! The pool had a zillion kids at it, but I didn't mind so much because it was gorgeous. ..and the shopping was great. Kari and I went to the outlets and our hotel was right next to the mall! And......I found my wedding dress!!! It is perfect for the outdoor wedding we want to have. You will just have to wait to see that!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Reunion

We had a fab weekend. We drove up to Manhattan for the Pierce Family Reunion (my grandma Stephen's family) There was a giant tree up there, that I had climbed many time growing up, that really excited Brady! He was like a little kid with all the trees and rope swings. He was buddies with my little cousin Jake the whole time. On Saturday my cousins Jake, Brenden and his girlfriend, Brady and I went out to the Bozeman Hot springs. That was a blast. I really wish we had a nice pool around here that wasn't infested with thousands of slobbery kids... hehe!

Back at home... Koko, the kangaroo dog, has figured out how to jump onto our very tall tree stump. I can not believe she could just that high.. and all for a toy that was sitting up there while Brady mowed the lawn(for the first time in months!)