Wednesday, July 6, 2011


For mine and Brady's first Anniversary we decided to take a road trip.  We planned it last minute and it was well worth it!  We took off on Friday and went to Coeur D'Alane.  We stayed at the La Quinta, which was disgusting, but was the only place with an open room on such late notice.  On Saturday we went to Silverwood.  I would recommend that everybody go to Silverwood sometime in their life!  We spent about 12 hours at the park and went on all the roller coasters over and over.  We also went to the water park which was also awesome.
 we had to pull off the road when we saw the 4th of July pass.  For some reason my Dad always talks about this place.. don't ask us why because it didn't seem to be anything special..
 it was a looooong road trip, so we were happy when we finally saw the lake over the hill..
 i even got super cheesy and had to take my own photo!
 since it was our anniversary I was so happy to see that the flower of choice at the Resort was red geraniums (our wedding flower)!  they were everywhere!
 this is a cool bridge that goes over the marina

 we ate inside the Resort at their restaurant.  It was a little dated and the food wasn't that great.. it had great potential if it was remodeled.

 we were dreaming of owning a big boat and moving to Coeur D' Alane

 of course we had to pick up a bottle of cheap champagne to celebrate!
 here is a terrible shot of the amusement park..

 this was the coolest roller coaster ever.  it shot you up 172 feet in the air.

 this is Brady after we got off the raft ride.  we got soaked and it was late in the day, so we froze for the rest of the evening.
 the only descent restaurant we ate at was down town.  Brady ordered almond came out as a salad.. a very healthy salad.  he ended up talking me in to switching meals.
 my grilled cheese with yam fries was very delish.
 we even hit up a really big antique store down by the lake.  I realllly wanted this solid brass peacock, but we didn't want to carry it back to the car.   It was only $35!
 I also really liked these Scottie Dog book ends.  They were a little pricey.
 And I loved all of the glass hands that were in one booth.  They had every color imaginable and they were only $15.  I shoulda bought one!

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  1. Looks like you had lots of fun. Your dad always thought Kyle and Sharman should get married on 4th of July pass on the 4th of July. It's not very pretty, though, is it? The amusement park looks like it was fun.



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