Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just finished: Paper Lamp Update!

FIRST, a picture of how the room looked a few months back. I am still a little stumped on this room. I am not in love with wrought iron, yet I have a bed and night stands. The wall color is also not that great. I picked the paint before I had the room designed in my head.. that's what happens when you keep your stuff in storage for 7 months and have to quickly remodel a home.

now, this is what the night stand/light situation is like these days.
The light looks like nothing special in this pic, but it is actually pretty darn cool up close. More on that later.

Not so cluttered.  Hooray!

and here is the light fixture.  I DIY'd this.  I was inspired by another blog a while back.. but I have no clue which one it was, sorry.  I bought one roll of wax paper and a roll of scotch tape.  Then I cut the wax paper into the shape I wanted and taped each piece to an old paper shade I had.  The total cost was about 6$ (not including the $9 shades that I bought from Pier 1 a while back).  The total time was about 2 months.. oh ya, I got half way through and quit for a while.  You will need about 2 hours to do one shade, and that is if you get a good system going.  This project was time consuming, but very worth it. 

oooh, and this is look at my favorite pillow :)
and an up close pic of the window panels, which I love.

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