Monday, January 17, 2011


Entry view.. Before -look at that pink trim-
we removed all trim and fake tile. Added concrete flooring, textured to the walls, refinished the cabinet to the left, and so much more! new toilet and fixtures were a must as well.
after removing the bye bye phony tile!

hello skim coat.. before major texture was added

AFTER..hello fabulousness!.. not exactly complete but good enough to post about it!

vanity before...
in between..

and after!

cabinets before..
a little sanding, a lot of stain, new knobs, hinges and trim.. and this oak cabinet looks so new again!
and after..

my horrible carpentry skills... I measured wrong putting the knobs on. I guess Brady shouldn't have been working in the garage! hah!

toilet after.. sorry, I didn't take any before! lol
we went with an energy efficient double flush toilet. I wanted it mostly b/c of the touch button!

keeping with the chrome
vintage bowl and fizzer sticks!


  1. It looks so good! Maybe you should become an interior decorator :)

  2. Looks great. What is in the little bowl in the bottom picture?


  3. Oh, Lacy, you just made my day:) Mom, all ya havta do is read the captioN! -bath fizzers-


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