Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Camera at last!

I finally stopped talking about buying a new camera and actually bought one!  I am lurve with it!! <3.
I searched the web for days and after spending many hours on various sites comparing options and prices, I decided on the GE Power Pro X500-WH 16 MP with 15 x Optical Zoom Digital Camera... It is awesome and was very affordable.  The deciding factor for me, was umm that it is WHITE!!  I think it is insanely stylish, but that's just my opinion!  
Many people suggested that I buy a Canon Rebel.  I tried one out at Best Buy while on Vacation last weekend (Great Falls isn't cool enough for a Best Buy).. it was a little too much camera for me!  I am used to a simple Kodak camera with 3x zoom and 10.3 mega pixels.... the zoom has been broken for about 2 years and the camera takes terrible pictures.. so this is a major upgrade for me.  Another bonus is that this camera didn't cost much more than my old Kodak.  I'm sure this would be nothing special to a pro photographer, but it is a start for me.  Once I get the hang of it, then I will decide whether or not to upgrade. 
Also, I love the idea of not being too upset if I drop this on the ground, because that is bound to happen with my slippery little fingers.  And I can take this one to work.. I like the Panoramic option for taking listing pictures.. it is so easy to use :).  There's my living room below. 

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