Saturday, January 19, 2013

2 month check up

Liam had his 2 month check up on Jan 15th.

He already weighs 13.4 lbs.  75th Percentile.

And is 23.25 inches.  75th Percentile.

We've got ourselves a big boy!

The doc suggested we start a little sleep training so that we can hopefully start getting more than 2 hours of sleep at a time.  He suggested the "Cry it out Method".  But I don't personally think Liam is ready for that.  We tried it twice with no such luck.  I ended up feeding and rocking him back to sleep both times.  Maybe next month!..  For now we will just work on a better night time routine.

He's so smiley and talkative these days.


  1. He's so precious! Just hug him tight, he will grow up too fast! so very glad I finally got to meet him!

  2. Hi Kristi, thanks for coming over to my blog today! Your pictures make me think back of my favorite little man who is 10 years old now. Liam was on the top of my list of names too.
    Your little Liam is beautiful.
    It also makes me remember that I hated the "cry it out method"! I went with the book "the no cry sleep solution" and I loved it!
    I don't regret snuggling with my little man every minute I had and they are my most treasured memories. I hope you get more sleep ;)


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