Friday, October 26, 2012

His Bedroom

Welcome to the nursery! It's finally complete. It has no theme.  It's just a bunch of stuff I've gathered together over the last 4 months that I really love.  It might just be my favorite room in the whole house.  It is so nice to start a room from scratch!  I usually end up trying to work around an item I already have but this room was completely new.  And I must say, for Iphone photos, they turned out pretty good.


light: Restore, rug:, pouf: Amazon, rocker: Salvation Army, Sheep skin: Target, Fuzzy Pillow: Target, crib: IKEA, crib skirt: The Land of Nod, Garland: DIY, art: DIY, Mobile: Amazon + DIY

Engineering Prints

hooks: The Land of Nod, chair: garage sale, shelves: IKEA, art: online + DIY

dresser: family

art: found online

lamp: Target, horns: the woods, mason jar: DIY, rocking horse: gift

baskets: Micheals

Brady's Mom picked the quote!  N I made the art

I embedded toy dinosaurs into the art with Caulk

The mobile is a photo hanging mobile, but you can clip WTV you want from it.  I'm not sure I love the stars.. but they will do for now

zebra and owl: Pier 1, monkey: my Mom found a lady who makes them, dog: gift

Now all we have left to do is install the car seat.. Oh, and give birth.. EEEEK!  Wish me luck!


  1. you are amazing, girl, so seeing your nursery and your living room. can't wait to see that little fella...I'm sure he will be amazingly cute too!

  2. I love it! Great job! The art is fabulous and I like the painted edges on your closet doors. Now you just need a baby! (Great name.)

  3. Oh so sweet. I love that Kujo is included in the pictures too. I do so love the monkey your Mom found and the quote that Carri chose. You have such a knack! Good Luck with Delivery, Well Wishes for both of you and Congratulations Kristi & Bradi. Love Aunt Dicie


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