Monday, October 22, 2012


Look what I made for my baby boys bedroom..

Craft Paper Garland:

I'm pretty pleased with myself for accomplishing this project.  It was really quick and easy.  They add so much character to the plain white ceilings and add color to the black and white room.

Originally, I was planning on painting the ceiling with this insanely awesome design from Vintage Revivals...
BUT who on earth has that much time on their hands?  I sure don't at the moment.  But I do love it!

So the comprimise was garland. has some seriously cool garland for cheap!

But, sadly they weren't long enough to cover the ceiling and aren't big enough to make an impact.  Oh and I am cheap, so I decided to make my own. 

So off to JoAnne Fabrics I went.  I should have bought felt and sewed the garland.. but that is also too time consuming.  So I picked up 16 sheets of orange, grey, green and blue craft paper in the scrap booking isle.  I also bought a spool of twine, small diameter hole punch and a pack of tacks.  A whopping ten dollars later I was headed home.

Cut each paper into 4 triangles, then make a few smaller triangles out of the 4 big ones.  I like them to be differnet sized, but you could really do wtv you please...  punch two holes in either end of the triangles, string the twine through. 

BAM!  In about 1 hr I had 4 strands of garland hanging across my ceiling!

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