Wednesday, January 25, 2012

quick and easy home improvement

Paint your front door!  So many people simply buy trim and doors and leave them with nothing but the factory primer.  We were guilty of this in our last house and I notice it all the time in properties that I show.  Painting makes it not only easier to clean but makes it look so polished.

For our front door, I was dying to try out Glidden's new Trim and Door paint.  It comes in 8 colors and is supposed to be drip free with no brush marks.

I was so surprised at how different a gel paint is from regular paint.  It was so thick!  They were right about it not creating drips but I certainly did get a few brush marks.  Perhaps I did something wrong?   Either way it doesn't bother me what so ever.  The high gloss finish out ways the bad.  Also, the fumes are SO SO strong. Don't paint unless it is warm enough outside to open the windows.



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  1. Love black doors!! I've painted every interior door in my makes them look so much nicer when they're the cheapy hollow builder grade. That looks what is with your gorgeous floors? Cannot tell what they are, but they're beautiful in that picture.


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