Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Merry Christmas to me!

I'm finally getting around to showing off my new chandelier! 

All I wanted for Christmas was for Brady to finish up our guest room-turned office.  Oh and I also wanted him to refinish a chandelier I had my eye on.  Brace yourself, because here it is...

This is a horrible before picture.  It was taken at the Restore. I saw so much potential! The size is gigantic. The lines are awesome. It is a quality chandelier... which is hard to find these days, unless you want to spend a couple hundred dollars. We bought this and a pack of replacement bulbs for a grand total of $21. I am a bargain hunter. I even talked them down $5 whole dollars.. It was a proud moment.

 Brady disassembled the fixture, gave it a really good cleaning and sprayed it a high gloss Kelley green.

We also painted a new ceiling medallion.

And the AFTER! I am beyond in love with the way it turned out.  I actually considered swapping it out with our kitchen chandelier

All lit up


  1. It's hard to tell how big it is in photos, but it looks fantastic! I'm inspired!

  2. Amazing how bright paint and new bulbs make such a difference! Thanks for sharing :)


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