Tuesday, August 9, 2011

closet update

Since Brady is the only one who is capable of installing siding or sheet rocking a basement, I was in need of a project of my own over the weekend. I have always loved the look of black and white stripes, and actually wanted to paint either my future laundry room or 2nd bathroom in stripes..but I figured it wouldn't hurt to test my skills on a less obvious area. So, I headed off to Walmart to get groceries and some paint. (FYI, Walmart's paint department isn't that great, but it was convenient).
Here is the messy peach colored closet I started with

Then I measured every 10 inches and added a white stripe with a roller (might have been easier just to paint the entire closet white..but I like to do things the hard way)

Also, I have ADD when it comes to blogging.. b/c I have to post a pic of the flowers I picked from my yard.. you know, since they were peaking up in the previous picture :)

Then I remeasured.. taped, and started with the black paint

and here it is almost complete!  (still needs base board trim)  It turned out really nicely, but it was so much work that I may not have the patience to do an entire laundry room or bathroom..

With the closet full of our coats and cleaning supplies, you can hardly see the stripes.. but trust me it looks a lot nicer that the old peach paint :) 

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