Friday, August 5, 2011

Basement Furniture

I am a little sensitive on the subject of our basement still not being finished, so I don't really blog about it!... but I have some cool new things that I feel I am over due with posting about.  1st, here is one of my favorite things.... a dresser that once belonged to Brady's Great Grandmother! 
About 7 months ago, we received a call from Brady's Aunt, Diane, asking if we needed a dresser.  She had it in a spare bedroom for a long time was attempting to make room for some new furniture.  Of course, I am a little crazy and jumped at the opportunity for old furniture...  I had to beg Brady to let me take it home.. He just didn't understand how cool this dresser really is..

It was almost impossible to take a picture without Koko getting in the way.  She has this toy that to she insists on throwing in front of me everywhere I go in the hopes of getting to play fetch.

It really is such a cute toy though, right?  It's a balloon animal :)
In case you wondering what the black thing leaning up against the wall is?  Well, it is my new desk.
it has gorgeous angles..
and legs..

Here is a pic I found online of what it looks like assembled.  Yes, it is a large dining table.  I have the worlds smallest dining room, so this will work as a desk until we get a bigger house someday. 
I should explain why I would buy something that I don't really have room for.. I got the deal of the century.  This $500 table was marked down to $99 at Pier 1.  With my discount, I bought it for just $75.. be jealous :)
here is a pic of a the same dresser with the faux wood part painted black.  This dresser was featured on  Apartment Therapy for $500 on one of their "scavenger roundup" posts.   (After sharing that info with Brady he began to believe me that this dresser is in fact cool)  Isn't it strange how only the drawers are real wood?  I plan to do the same thing to my dresser, only with white paint. 
That's all for today.. I'll leave with a pic of Cujo.  Here's what he was doing during my photo taking.  He was upstairs being anti-social, as usual, hiding under the dining table.  good thing he's cute

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  1. I like the dresser as is,, but I've seen them look sharp with white too! Lucky catch.


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