Tuesday, January 11, 2011

mason jar light

A while back I "flipped" a light fixture from our home. I have yet to install it and actually have no idea where I will put it. I wish I had a pantry b/c it would the perfect spot for this mason jar light fixture!

Before(covered in layers of paint and Scum and missing a globe):

A little soaking and polishing with the Brasso that my Dad has had since he was in the army like 100 years ago!.. It still worked great!
And Bam! I have a sweet little light fixture :)


  1. hey...I like that, where did you find it...obviously not new is you had to polish it up...

  2. It was a dingy old light fixture that was in our entry way from the garage. Brady had thrown it out and I had to stop him! I actually flipped another of the same lights and hung it in my hallway..I'll post a pic soon. :)


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