Monday, January 17, 2011

flip that light: dos

Here was our solution to our extra small lighting space. We bought a nicer light from the Home Depot to find that it was too big with the attic entrance practically under the light fixture. All we did was pop it off n paint it.. then bought a nice new globe at the Depot for about $5.
Before and After

I think it needs a clear light bulb.. but it still beats the fluorescent bulb that was in it...I HATE those things. I don't care if my power bill is higher, I am not going to live with SO SLOW lights!

While I am on the subject of our hallway lighting, I'd better show the other hallway items!

hallway before..
hallway after...

^"L" for Lucero is from Uppercase Living. The vase is from Ross.. If you've been to Pier1 in the last year you'll know that they have it as well for $60, but I found it for more like $16! I thought Brady was going to kill me when I bought yet another vase, but I couldn't pass up the deal!

The design goes reallllly well with the tile we used for our kitchen backsplash. (below)

It goes really well with my bathroom mirror too!


Hey guys.. be honest now !!