Thursday, April 9, 2009

busy busy busy day..

excuse the post lacking in proper punctuation.. bradys keyboard is missing the shift key. brady, dustin and his dad have been working on our back deck all day. it is about time.

our home is lacking in curb appeal. we will change that this summer... very exciting

my parents house had showings today so we get to hang out with molly. see my flowers coming in!

and the neighbor dog...

brady got me flowers when i came home from gri. they are sooo pretty so i put them allll over my house in vases.

and we finally got the plumber over here to set up our basement bath.. i need to figure out how to decorate it.. that and our new king size bed.. that i just happened to buy all white bedding for.. when we have two dogs. hmmm.. smart. owell it is really classy and feels like your on vacation in a nice hotel room.

i am really blabbing here because brady is playing the new call of duty .. it is good for a while... but that is all. it is extremely violent. wow. but great graphics

oh and here we are at red lobster in billings

oh an my new listing.. know anybody looking to move to Gfalls?


  1. heeeey is that kelly's house?

  2. I can't believe you have flowers comming up. I better get out and look at my yard.

  3. That's awesome that your deck is going up! It'll also be so nice to have the downstairs bathroom fixed up. I'm super jealous of the king sized bed and I'm hoping the white linens stay white!

  4. I like your 'nosy' dog pictures :-)


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