Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GRI Week *long*..

So I am in Billings until Saturday evening taking classes to get a designation behind my name. I miss being home and I havn't even been gone a day:( but I must say, Billings is kind of a step ahead of Great Falls. They actually have stores other than Ross and Target! HAH.
On Sunday I had two open houses and it was snowing so hard out that I had to wipe off the sign 3 times and shovel the walk 3 times. Of course nobody came, but Brady and Kari did... We had fun!

Oh, and I listed my parents house on Friday. It is getting its first showing tomorrow night.. Keep your fingers crossed!!


  1. Look how big your puppy is getting. HOW CUTE!!!!

  2. I'll be excited to see what your parents end up doing...and where they move to. If they sell their house, someone will be getting a great home. I hope they can get something really special....because they are special!!

  3. We really enjoyed Koko and Cujo while you were in Billings. They are so funny. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your folk's house, and your other listings, sell right away!

  4. I hope you learned a ton at your class. We missed you at Grandma's party. We aren't coming back for Easter. Maybe we can get you and Brady down one of these weekends. Good luck on your listings hope they sell FAST!!


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