Monday, April 20, 2009

Camping in the back yard!

So, our yard is full of trees that shed all over the yard. We decided to rake em up and found the pile to be too big.. resulting in our totally awesome FIREPIT.

It has been soooo so fun! Well actually, there was already a fire pit from the previous crazy owners. We always joke about those people.. you would to if you saw our and SMELT our house when we bought it. Now I guess they have worn off on us a bit.. not really.

Carly, Ashley and I also sat out by the fire last weekend. We could not figure out how to start it with out gasoline. So, we started the "girl fire" with nailpolish remover and hair spray. It didn't last too long. I ended up calling my Dad to ask how he had started it the night before. "TIP THE LAWN MOWER UPSIDE DOWN." That was fun. Brady was not too excited about it because he prefered to sit inside playing Halo with Dustin and FAREAKED out when he saw us cooking hot dogs over the fire. HA, I can't believe I am even posting these pix.. they are terriblE!

Lacy, I have not forgotten about posting new pix of the deck.. We are going to get stain right now!! You guys could always just come to town to see it!


  1. I'm guessing by looking at the pics that you had had a few drinks the night of the girl bonfire, that's too funny! I'll be in town this weekend so I'll come up and see your deck then :)

  2. HAHA! Actually no, we had hotdogs and grape juice!

  3. cute fire pixxx..i wanna play!!!! I'll be home first part of June...whooho! =)

  4. a firepit in the back yard...that would be fun for when you have the camping urge and can't get outa town. I was standing around a fire this morning, but I was just burning old computer boxes in our burn barrels...not so fun.


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