Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spaghetti: Part two

I said I was going to start updating my blog more often, then I take almost a month long break...  geesh!

We got around to hanging the Spaghetti chandelier.  I couldn't be more happy with it.
As I mentioned, I was nervous about painting over the antique brass.  After spending about 20 minutes in the spray paint isle I stumbled across a dark glossy grey that was worth a shot.  Long story short, it's the icing on the cake.. or umm, the parm on the spaghetti?!

This room is still far from done.  It needs art above the bed (which is already taken care of, just not in this picture), the nightstands need more styling, the closet needs finished, and the there is an entire blank wall to dress up. 

We also added a ceiling medallion.  I just think a light feels naked without one.  Brady hates them.  But he will survive.

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  1. That light is the best ever! Definitely the parm on the spaghetti. Ha a


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