Monday, September 26, 2011


A little early.. but who cares!
Last week we bought the coolest piece of furniture.. an 80's or 90's coffee table..  It is from Arizona and "cost a whole lot".. Of course, we bought it for just $40 on Craigslist.  Woot! 
My Mom and I were hanging out at my house on Saturday and decided to redecorate my living room by bringing in the coffee table (which I actually bought for our family room) just to try it out... and for some reason bring out Halloween decorations.

I wrapped a table runner around the existing table scape

and check out that coffee table!!!!

vintage candy jar

yes, that is a rug on my couch.. those dogs are always sitting there, so I figured it'd protect the leather

we layered to rugs to make the coffee table pop off of the black with contrast

lastly, my new wreath!

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  1. Pretty funky cool! Love all your Halloween deco too. My kids would love you cause their lame Mom never gets around to decorating for Halloween.


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