Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shangrila Side Table

A few weeks back I picked up a junky old side table from a garage sale.  I think my Mom, Dad and the guy selling thought I was a bit crazy for wanting it.. But I saw some cool details and couldn't resist!  It has an overlay carving on the front, sweet brass medallion-ish handles and brass caps on the legs.  Plus, it was nothing a fresh coat of paint couldn't fix!  I got a deal too.. they were asking $5 but I got it for $4! hah



*sorry for the bad after pix.. I will post more pix once I figure out where in the world it's home will be in my house*

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  1. What a save! The details stand out so much better in white. Yeah, you'll we'd to find a good place for that one.


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