Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Oooo yeah, call it being "green" or call it being "cheap", whichever.. either way we just got ourselves a free(and labor intensive) curb joB!
My parents, who bought their home as a new construction back in 2009, have already been suckered into re-doing the curbing around their house.  It was cracking and wasn't sealed, so I guess if your house needs to look perfect, then it would be worth re-doing.. but Brady and I are on a mega budget and would be happy to have some not so old curbing.  And we are always happy to take on a new project.. So, one persons trash is our treasure.  We hauled off all their old curbing and used it at our house!  It was a bit of a process cutting the curbing and trying to piece it together enough to make an arch, but we did it! 
Here's the pile of curbing, which almost bottomed out Brady's truck when we hauled it down to our house

so far we're using the old rock that was under the old deck, but we plan to switch it out with River Rock.
 And guess what.. we even re-used sod... I know that is nothing to brag about b/c sod is super cheap.  My parents neighbors, who also were talked in to re-doing their curbing had all this extra sod left over.  Brady and I hauled that off last night to fill in the area that was covered up by our old deck..
 looks good right?  Now we just need to figure out what to put in front of that ugly basement window..any suggestions?

OOKK Enough talk about boring sod and curbing.. the pix below are my inspiration for the railings, which Brady will be building, for our front porch.  We are planning on installing chunky wood railing and using cable with tension turnbuckles rather than regular old wooden slats.. I don't think I used any correct terms in that last sentence, but you get the idea(I hope).  It will be a major experiment, but it's worth a try!

 This one is favorite!  We plan to copy the post design and color..


  1. Way to be resourceful! :)
    We are looking at doing a similar railing at our house also.

  2. What about putting a shrub in front of the window?
    It all looks nice.Alot better than the deck did.

  3. The yard is coming along, good job! Do you want that window for light? If not a shrub would be perfect ;) If you want to keep some light in maybe a low lying shrub?


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