Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TV Art

Yep, I managed to make our bedroom TV look a little more artsy fartsy... yes, I just said that!  I deconstructed my perfectly good mirror to steal the frame for this project..

Here's what the area above our dresser looked like before..  please ignore the fact that I skipped cleaning my bedroom b4 snapping these pics. 
 The mirror still needed hung, but I felt like this arrangement wasn't going to work either way..

...This is the end result..
 I just flipped over the perfectly good mirror, which I bought a while back at Pier 1, and unscrewed the frame from behind. 

The cords still need to be hid, but this is 1 step in the right direction.  What do ya think?  Better before or after?  Am I crazy for ruining a perfectly good mirror?  Keep in mind I can still force Brady to build a new frame for the said mirror so it can still be used in our basement bathroom..

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