Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After about 8 months of winter and freezing temps, we had to take advantage of the 1st really nice weekend.  Brady started on the exterior of our home while I was at a friends baby shower and we finished up late Sunday night.  Here is what our home looked like on Friday.   The fence wasn't doing anything positive for the curb appeal
This is what the home looked like a few years back 2 owners ago.  I think it looks pretty cute.. needs new trim paint and a paved drive way, but it still looks better than the above pic.
1st, we ripped out this strange little garden..
said good bye to the fence.. Brady hooked a toe rope up to his four-wheeler and yanked the posts right out of the ground.  It took him a few hours of hard labor, but we are soOOOO happy with the results.  Our yard feels so much more open and welcoming.
then we decided to tackle this mess of a deck.  It's a shame to tear things that the previous owners did as "improvements".  It is a great example of why you need to higher a professional or actually do a little research when putting up big and expensive improvements.. see how the stairs don't line up with the concrete walkway..

notice how the deck railing actually butts into the bay window.. and therefore, the window doesn't function.

Here's Brady removing what seemed like 5 Trillion screws..
here's the mess our driveway was in all Sunday..  this picture was taken before he started on the deck, so can image the current state of our driveway.. yikes.
Oh, and we had to recycle a bit of the fence to block the dogs off... they didn't enjoy being confined to the back yard.  We had to put the rock in front of the gate to stop Koko from escaping every 10 seconds!
oooh, sad puppies!
and here's how our entry looked Sunday night.  I staged a few plants to make it look even better for the time being..


  1. Here I figured you would tear off the deck and find that the steps were raised or broken. Yours are in good shape. Crazy that they built a deck in the front yard for no real reason. I guess they must of liked sitting there and watching the cars drive by?! Anyway, it looks much better without the fence and deck.


  2. I like the pics of the dogs. So funny. The house looks so much better with all that stuff gone. It's crazy what people do to their homes in the name of improvement


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