Tuesday, December 7, 2010

David Rowland Chairs

A few years back my Grandpa gave my Dad some old chairs that he had found.. My Dad then used them as garage chairs for years.. And a while back I told him to give them to me because they were awesome. Well, I didn't take them before my parents moved into their new home, and the chairs ended up in their shed for over a year, stacked under old tires and lawn mower parts.. ANYWHO, I just took them home last week and today I noticed a piece of paper on the bottom of one of the chairs.. googled the name, and found out that they are designer chairs! Score.. Worth hundreds online.. Of course, mine haven't been taken care of as a designer chair should be and I would never ever sell them, because I love them! I plan to use them in my office. :)

..and to think that before I googled the name, I almost painted them white!

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