Saturday, December 11, 2010


I really want these antlers/resin animal heads right now.. I want to bring "the taxidermy tradition into the twenty-first century" as Z-Gallery puts it! I think they would look great in my office b/c I intend to paint the walls a rich grey color and have other quirky elements mixed in.

Although, I have a feeling Brady will give me hell for wanting these, because there is no way in hell I will let him bring his real dear/elk heads into the house.. Those are going to be hung in his garage(the only space he is allowed, or cares, to decorate), HAH!
I will probably only get one, b/c they are $50 a pop, the larger elk head is actually $199, which is out of the question.. But then I'd have a chance to maybe, JUST MAYBE, mix in some real antlers.. only the small nice ones :)

Here is a pic I found online, that shows just fantastic it will look up against my grey walls. Yay!

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