Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sweet finds

We realllly need a new dining table. Our table is one that Brady bought from a friend when he was thinking of gettings an apartment, about 5 yrs ago.. It is junky, so I painted it black and used it in our office at our old home, until now..

We used to use one that my parents have had for about 15 yrs and passed down to us.. It however doesn't match at all. Plus all the finish has worn off and things like take out bags, papers and pizza boxes stick to the table. lol.

Here is a table I found on Craigslist that I think is pretty awesome. I clicked on it thinking oooo ya, I can re-stain this and it will be unique and a cheap fix... But no, of course it has to be designer and cost $750.. o well.

I love how the chairs have just 3 legs.. They all fit together nicely too, which would be perfect for my tiny little dining room.

I also realllly love clear chairs. I don't think I'll ever buy them, b/c they are a bit trendy and the cheapest I could find them was about $150 a pop.

Also, here is an awesome table from Pier 1 that just happens to match my console table and pillar holder. . But I would probably drop something on it and break it to pieces. $500 on sale is a bit much, also I don't like to be too matchy matchy.

Any ideas? What should I do with my tiny space and small budget?


  1. I like the Pier 1 table. It looks like you :) Keep watching Craig's list. It pays off eventually! I'll keep my eyes out for you.

  2. The table is cool but you might have to buy stock in Windex to keep it clean. It's probably not real practical for a table you would use frequently.



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