Tuesday, May 18, 2010

House Hunt is on!

..has been on for a while... still not finding anything!

So, as most of you know, Brady and I sold our home on April 21. We stilllll have not found a replacement, and have been living in Ron and Kari's basement.

We have been looking at this sweet gem in Riverview. BUT there is no heat source, so of course, it will not finance. I even had the hook up with getting into this house b4 it is even on the market.. still isn't on the market.

Then we found out that my childhood home was being foreclosed on. 217 15th Ave S, it would have been soooo cool to buy.
But, it was auctioned off on Friday, the buyer had to have cash (bids started at $106,000) and you could not get a home inspection or see the home prior to bidding.
Too bad! We need to find a dumpy house soon! lol

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