Monday, May 31, 2010

31 days...don don don!

screw Vera Wang.. this is my couture dress by Dicie Linda or DiLinda..hehe

Of course, I bought the first dress I found, while vacationing in Las Vegas last August. Brady and I walked into the Jessica McClintock boutique on the strip and my mouth dropped.. "that is the one." I ordered the dress, loved it, but 3 months later I was shopping online and checking out the local dress stores with Brady's sister, Lacy. We had sooo much fun, as it was the 1st time I was able to completely obsess over this wedding.. and somebody actually listened and/or cared.

I am so ready for this planning to be over, because of course, ever since I have been completely obsessed with this one day.

The idea of selling my brand new dress and buying a replacement for $3,000 made me a little sick... So I decided to keep the summery wedding dress that I had already bought. Until about a week ago when I approached my mom with the brilliant idea of adding a tulle skirt! Of course she asked my talented aunts Linda and Dicie to help out!

They were amazing and had soooo many crafty ideas. Of course, the construction of the skirt took 4 days and about 30 hours. .... So worth the time.. the time I spent watching the three of them slave over my dress. I think they could really give Vera Wang a run for her money!

You will all have to wait to see the finished result on July 1st! Can't wait!
Thanks so much Linda and Dicie! Love ya!


  1. Luv ya too! Can't wait to see you in it on your special day

  2. I'm SOOO excited to see how it turned out, I bet it's amazing!!!! I know what you mean about wanting the day to just come. But it's the only time you'll get to plan your big day and obsess so try to love every minute of it! I know it's going to be fabulous.


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