Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My new hobby!

I finally have a hobby that I can afford!

I never have too much to blog about, but here is something I think everybody should do...
This bundle has been around since the beginning of March. I bought them b4 the open house on our home. They are still fresh!

This bundle has been around since March as well!

...Put flowers in every room of the house!
Brady is always telling me a that I need a hobby. My hobbies include decorating, shopping, watching movies, jogging, camping and so on... But shopping is too expensive and who is going to go camping when it is snowing in ApriL!!

Now, I've discovered that Albertsons has a build your own bouquet section in their floral dept. I love it! I have been buying them like crazy to make my house feel like spring. They have a wide variety of flowers year round at a whooping $3.50 per bundle or 3 for $10. Picking out the vases and displaying the flowers in different ways is way too fun and it really makes your house feel like it is right out of a magazine. I am one of those freaks who relaxes and relieves stress by cleaning my house(I get it from my Mom).. so this is just an added bonus!

I think everybody should have fresh flowers in their home. At this price, you can!
Above is a preview of alllll the flowers I currently have. 6 bundles at $20
....I can't believe I just spent the last half hour, while at work, blogging about my flowers! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Love the flowers what a great idea!

  2. If you need to de-stress some more you can come to my house and clean and pretty it up with some flowers. I love it! I'm sure you miss that nice big back yard and beautiful tree. Is it a flowering crab apple? Very pretty. Thanks for sharing. Aunt Dicie


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