Sunday, May 10, 2009

alot of randomness

To continue on to my last blog.. When I woke up the next morning, the snow had really came down. Kind of surprised that I don't have a million broken branched in the yard.

Our bathroom is still a work in progress. Brady put the light in with no flashlight. He had to screw it to the wall with the electricity on in order to see. I came up behind him with my camera and I think the flash almost made him pee his pants. It was kind of funny to see him jump on that little ottoman.

Last night Brady bought me Taco Bell when I got off work. In return, I had to go to the school and watch him and Dustin kick field goals. We took Cujo along, and wow he enjoyed himself.

I do realize that I take a whole lot of dog pix but there is really not much else to take pix of at my house. .. so I will show you a few more! and my perfect margarita on Cinco de Meyo.

And since I have my moms camera in front of me I think I will post some old pix I like...
!!nice cowboy hat Kyle!! He graduated from Bozo this weekend. I am so proud of him!

Last time Kyle and Sharman were in town, they all went ice skating. I think I should have went. .It appears to be entertaining.

Today my parents home went under contract! woot woot! My ma' and I sat online tonight getting kitchen ideas just in case they decide to build. I would love to design a house from scratch. I know it would be a pain, but very much worth it.

A few months ago my Dad and Brady took on the project of fixing up Brady's cousins, Raif and Tuckers, motorcycle. We could not return it without first taking a ride. Right? I think we might be a little big... but it was fun! ..check out my smile..


  1. I love the margarita glass! Love all the pics. you guys crack me up. Field goal kicking huh :) Also love your helmet on the motorcycle! Oh and congrats on your parents house sale!

  2. congrats on your selling your parents house! i just heard that kelley ended up buying it!! =) i second what lacy said about the motorcycle pixx...toooooo fun!!!

  3. Did the dorks manage to make a field goal?

  4. Nice pictures Kristi.
    I would have liked to see Brady jump on that little ottoman. Pretty funny.

  5. Hey Kristi, fun to check out your blog this a.m. You've got lots more cool photos. Why not take pics of your pouches...they are so cute. I like the one where your pup is peeking out of your Dad's jacket. Good to hear your folk's house is almost sold...but please, please don't let them move to far away!

  6. I would never let them leave me here alone!! They are not going anywhere to clear that rumor up!


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