Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I made Brady carve our initials into our fabulous pink tree the other night. It was kind of gross when the bark came off and the tree appeared to have had its skin peeled off the same way it would look on a human. That is disgusting, I know. Brady and I were disgusted as well. I hope it doesn't kill my tree. While we were carving away, Koko squeaked her toy continuously. We tried to take it away and she would not let go. She held on while we spun her around in circles!
Brady hammered his nice chisel into our tree. He had to bend it with a hammer to get it out. I don't always understand men.. OH and our deck is finished!! If you refer to a post a few months back, you can see the before and after. The stain is the darkest transparent and it looks FABULOUS!!


  1. Your guys's house is soooo cute. I ((HAVE)) to see it while I'm home.

    ---love the flowers too---

  2. Your flowers are still looking good!

  3. Your deck looks great..and your flowers. I've got to come see sometime!

  4. everybody needs to come and visit me!!!!!

  5. I love the deck and the flowers! Coco is so funny :)


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